The EddyFloor Scraper

Ideal for removing carpet, vinyl, linoleum, underpadding and old glue. This tool comes with 3 different kind of blades and with an extension handle. The tool itself only weighs 25 lbs (or 11.34 Kg) and with the handle attached it weighs 32 lbs (or 14.54 Kg). Because of its light weight, this tool allows you to work in confined spaces like stairs, attics or cellars.

The Eddy Tile Breaker

This portable tool is ideal for breaking away ceramic tiles and also glue down hardwood floors. This ergonomic tool focuses on reducing physical effort. Thanks to its design and its wide range of angles, the Eddy Tile Breaker tool provides a comfortable working position for the operator. It only weighs 55 lbs (or 25 kg).

The Eddy Sander 2000

This tool is perfect for an efficient work, because the Eddy Sander 2000 is a solid tool with an iron casing and a powerful motor. It is equipped with an automatic stop handle. It allows its user to work precisely and rapidly on sanding and polishing jobs over big surfaces.

The Eddy Sander 3000

This tool, superior than the Sander 2000 in every aspect, is perfect for working in a refined way. The Sander 3000 is a solid tool with an aluminium casing and some removable molded weights. It is equipped with an automatic stop handle. It also has a high performance vacuum bag, which is fireproof. This sander allows a great reduction of dust fall.